Dry Run: A Memoir

Nikki MacCallum

Published on May 21, 2019, available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other distributors

ISBN: 9781732788220 Print version

ISBN: 9781732788237 Electronic version

Dry Run is a story of human transformation from confusion, despair, and brokenness to wholeness, healing, and the beginnings of self-love and acceptance, paralleling a physical progression through self-doubt, exhaustion, power and persistence. 

Consisting of 26.2 chapters, Dry Run is coming of age memoir that compares the challenges of running a marathon with the struggles of growing up as an only child with an alcoholic parent.  Both of my parents were long-distance runners.  My mom ran five marathons and my father’s total was thirty-two which included him doing Boston in two hours and forty-two minutes.  I guess you could say running (and carb loading) is in my blood.