Of Love and Death

Of Love and Death: Young Holocaust Survivors’ Passage to Freedom


by Miriam Segal Shnycer

September 1, 1939, bombs thunder across Krakow, Poland. Three families are trapped in the horror of Germany’s invasion. Only five young people out of fourteen members survive the Holocaust.

Did inclusion on the coveted Schindler’s List ensure escape from danger? Did a family member’s dealings with Amon Goeth, the monster of Plaszow, keep them alive or lead to murder? Did clinging to a lifeline as tenuous as a pole in a latrine prevent capture? Of Love and Death:  Young Holocaust Survivors’ Passage to Freedom answers these questions and more.

All events are true in this creative nonfiction book. Five storytellers chronicle the lives of these families as they remember the halcyon days of their youth and see them ripped apart by the genocide. Amidst all this misery is a blossoming love story.

There are accounts of defiance, good fortune, and life-threatening risks. Readers take a chilling journey with the families as they descend into the terrors of the ghetto and concentration camps. They’ll accompany them to Schindler’s factory, liberation, and displaced persons camps where they’re stuck in limbo trying to repair their lives. Eventually the five survivors immigrate to America. Readers will find these families are gifted with hope, strength, and a ferocious will to live.


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