Auctus [/ˈau̯k.tus/, [ˈau̯k.tʊs] [Latin]:Growth]

At Auctus Publishers, we are dedicated to providing an opportunity to authors whose work does not fit neatly with commercial publishers. We help writers to grow and develop their talents and offer readers stories of personal, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Auctus Publishers was founded by Dr. Krish Singh. Born in Bihar, India to illiterate parents, Krish lived through many difficult times and grew regardless of whatever challenges he faced. Krish’s achievements include teaching graduate students in India, conducting research in American laboratories, developing a patent, and having a notable career in academic publishing.

Krish’s challenges brought him enormous strength, and his passion lies in sharing this strength to help authors grow to their full potential. Auctus Publishers is one of many manifestations of Krish’s passion, a seed in the hands of a master gardener of human potential.

Auctus Publishers Team Members

  • Frances Rust: Editorial Development
  • Richard D. Bank: Editorial Development
  • Martha Snehalatha Chandran Dickerson: Pre-Production Consultant
  • Ayesha F. Hamid: Web Design and Social Media
  • Sarah Eldridge: Production and Cover Design