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May 2, 2020


THE LAST CRYSTAL, BOOK 3 of the trilogy won the 2019 Agatha Award for the Best Middlegrade/Young Adult Mystery book.

Congratulations to Dr. Frances Schoonmaker for this prestigious award!

The Last Crystal completes the trilogy by talented author, Dr. Frances Schoonmaker. The Last Crystal has recently been nominated for an Agatha Award. Congrats, Dr. Schoonmaker!

“The Last Crystal” is an intriguing mixture of time travel, magic, mysteries inside mysteries, historical fiction, adventure, survival skills, the spirit world, and good old-fashioned values—Joyce Patterson, Retired Education Specialist, Denver, Colorado

FEBRUARY, 2020 Events

Rosemont College’s MFA program has graciously invited Auctus Author Ayesha F. Hamid at their February, 2020 reading. Join Ayesha as she reads from her memoir, The Borderland Between Worlds. Reading will take place at Rosemont College’s Main Hall on February 10th, 2020 at 7:30 p.m.